Skinuo 40 kg da bi mogao trčati za svojom djecom, a sada za njim trče sve mame!

'Nevjerojatno je što sam sve napravio u samo 5 mjeseci', kaže Jeremiah Peterson Montana, 40-godišnji Amerikanac koji je u najgoroj životnoj fazi težio čak 127 kg!

Život sa troje male djece zahtjeva od svih roditelja kondiciju koju vjerojetno nemju ni maratonci. A upravo je to 4. kolovoza 2017. godine shvatio Jeremiah Peterson Montana i taj dan bilježi kao najveću prekretnicu u svom životu!

Naime, tada je shvatio da zbog 127 kg ne samo kako ne može potrčati za svojom djecom od 9, 7, i 5 godina i tako propušta broje sretne trenutke s njima, nego i da mu je zdravlje ozbiljno naručeno. Zato je odlučio promijeniti prehranu i počeo aktivno vježbati.

‘Umjesto lijepih sjećanja na trenutke sa svojom djecom, ja sam stalno bio umoran i bez zraka. Tada sam pomislio – imaš troje djece – učini nešto‘, otkrio je Jeremiah za ‘Independent’.

U dogovoru sa osobnim trenerom napravio je plan prehrane i vježbanja, a kao rezultat 5-mjesečnih napora uspio je skinuti čak 37 kg! Svoje priču dijeli i na društvenim mrežama, pa ne čudi kako su ga brojne mame počele pratiti zbog njegove nevjerojatne transformacije i fantastična izgleda!
Jeremiah je postao i veliki zagovornik keto dijete, a na pitanje kako je uspio u svom naumu iskreno odgovara – ‘ubio sam se od vježbanja’!



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NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH TIME!!! Answer questions or statements anyway you like I promise I won’t get offended. . Do you believe I accomplished this transformation in 150 days? . Do you believe this transformation is 100% drug free? . Do you believe my photos are photo shopped? . Do you believe my transformation is fake? . Do you believe I have clients all over the world? . The real truth is this, “there is some people out there that just CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” . They are the same people that have a excuse for everything. Everything that has gone wrong in their life is someone else’s fault. They say they do the work but they don’t get any results. . I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU? DO YOU REALLY DO THE WORK OR IS IT THAT YOU PRETEND TO DO THE WORK? I get a lot of feedback about my fitness journey “you must spend all day in the gym” or “it must be nice to have that kind of time” or “what about work and family”. The truth is I run 2 businesses that I work at 7 days a week, I have 3 kids who all participate in multiple sports and programs and I still have a social life. It’s just my wife and I who run the businesses, no employees, our house is clean and no we don’t have a maid and our cars are running because I fix them. Beyond work and the gym I read books, I watch tv, I love cooking and my family and I go to church every Sunday and spend the rest of the day together. Trust me I understand busy. The difference is I don’t look at it as busy, I see it as being productive. I want to be productive. Believe me- If I can find the time and drive to make these goals happen, so can you! . If you have any questions shoot me a DM or check out my website in the link up in my BIO. . #youcanthandlethetruth

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If you want to be in your best physical shape ALCOHOL is a huge NO! . Yes, all alcohol. That’s me drinking my water on vacation. For me my results are far more important then a quick buzz. There is so much more to life. . WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHAT TYPE OF BODY WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE STARING BACK AT YOU IN THE REFLECTION? If everyone was being honest they would tell you that they “want” to be in shape. . There is a reason everyone takes their progress photos before the weekend party or vacation. It’s because they know the havoc that alcohol and junk food cause to their body’s. WE ARE WHAT WE DO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!! . The problem is that most people just TALK about their goals. . In reality, their day to day actions do not reflect the goals that they have talked about doing. . When people lack the ability to EXECUTE on what needs to be done to reach their goals…. . they feel the need to embellish on what they haven’t already accomplished… . because they are disappointed with themselves for not following through with promises that they made to themselves. . When you backend your goals with ACTION… you can simply let your results speak for themselves 👊🏻. . Transforming your body is no different than most things worth having in life. . Everyone wants to achieve their fitness goals but few people are willing to come to terms with what it will actually take to get there. . Most people are infatuated with the idea of getting in shape, but want nothing to do with the true EFFORT that IS required. . If you’re looking for a shortcut or magic pill, then you will never have success in your transformation or in life for that matter. . A successful transformation takes time and never happens overnight. . As much as we don’t like to admit it, we are creatures of habit. . The routines that we have in place this week are probably the same ones we had last week, and the same ones that will continue to follow week after week… . #hardestworkerintheroom . . #arete . . #dowork . . #wedothework . . #nevergiveup . . #selfimprovement . #behindthescenes

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